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Slade is the archenemy of the Teen Titans, who wants them destroyed for his own unknown reasons, and is the main antagonist of Season 1 and Season 2; appearing only as a loyal and devoted minion of the mighty demon Trigon in Season 4. He is also the arch-nemesis of Robin. Tier: 8-C Low 7-C. Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Large Size Type 2, Petrification Turned everyone on Earth into stone upon reawakening, Reality Warping, Clairvoyance According to Slade, Trigon is "all-seeing" and his "mind can be at any place at any time", Precognition Knew of the Titans' plan to defeat him before they had even.

However, Trigon went back on the deal, and Slade decided to join forces with the Teen Titans. While Cyborg, Starfire, and Beast Boy tried to distract Trigon, Robin and Slade went to find Raven who had been transformed into a child version of herself in the underworld. In the three-part finale "The End", Trigon finally emerges and destroys the Earth; the Titans are spared by a fraction of Raven's power, which she had given them before releasing Trigon. The Teen Titans are joined by Slade, so they launch an all-out assault on Trigon, but are ultimately too weak to defeat him.

Trigon is an immensely powerful demon warlord who rules over the Under Realms. He was born of celestial blasphemy and has ruled his kingdoms since before time began. He glories in the enslavement and torture of the dimensions under his control. As Raven's father, his ultimate desire is to have. SladeTeen Titans vs Brother Blood Teen Titans alexander121793. Even Trigon powered Slade was vulnerable to. Also one of the reason's why I made this Trigon empowered Slade vs Brother Blood is that I wanted to make a battle thread with two of my favorite characters and favorite villians on the show and Trigon empowered Slade. Arrow Slade has not yet received his super serum and TT Slade is him prior to being augmented by Trigon. Both combatants have their standard arsenals and nothing else. Round 1: The Island from Arrow, specifically the airfield where Slade killed Billy Wintergreen. It's the same as that fight only Slade's opponent is well.the other Slade.

Trigon fall in God of War universe, and Ares will fight with him.This happen in Mount Olympus. Slade also was, for a time, given powers by Trigon. He could manipulate demonic fire, had flight capability, and was nearly impervious to physical damage. He also may or may not have been able to raise seemingly inexhaustible armies of fiery demons. If Slade has either or both of these advantages, he wins. If not, Deathstroke wins hands down. Ok, first up. In the TT show, Trigon was according to Slade weakened by his journey to Earth, that is not so much a problem here as it's Aku thats doing all the work, so the one arrivng here is more than likely more powerful than the version we had on the show.

Trigon is the main antagonist of the 2016 animated film Justice League vs. Teen Titans. He is an extremely powerful inter-dimensional demonic entity and conqueror of worlds, and the father of Raven and the sons of Trigon. He was voiced by Jon Bernthal, who also portrayed Punisher in the Marvel. 19/07/2015 · Slade Wilson's effect is also at the start of the turn, but it's optional. One of these has to be correct but I'm not sure which one: a Trigon happens first because it's mandatory, and therefore interrupts the ability to use Slade. b Trigon happens first, and you can still use Slade after. Trigon had enough power to destroy entire dimensions, as he did with the realm of Azarath and nearly so with "Earth-T", the reality of the Teen Titans. Trigon can also produce and control flaming demon creatures, capable of high-speed flight and the ability to generate and control fire.

Odin vs Trigon folks. Who you got?Battle takes place in Mephisto's realm for some crazy reason. Mephisto is off getting ladies for the night with T. Flight would be an issue if Slade used it to its fullest potential, but we know that he has no problem going into melee range. As the Herald of Trigon, he is very cocky due to his new-found immortality. Guts would only need one strike to put down Slade, and I feel that Slade would make the ultimate mistake of overestimating his immortality. im really not sure ive been a long time marvel fanboy but in all that time the only dc comics i read were teen titans so i am fimiliar with trigon as well. ok so trigon conquered his dimension by age 30 galactus devours planets: trigon. trigon got his ass handed to him by the teen titans galactus was defeated by no such pitiful beings:galactus. VS To make things fair, Slade can't fly and his durability is how it is when he is mortal otherwise he'd be invincible lolWho wins and why? 15/01/2007 · Madame Rouge, Trigon Slade & Brother Blood vs Shadow, Sonic & Silver The Hedgehog Discussion in ' Outskirts Battledome Archive ' started by Giovanni Rild, Jan 15, 2007. Giovanni Rild.

After Slade's death, Trigon allowed him to work for him under the condition that Trigon's deal of making Raven submit to him and become the portal is fulfilled. If this deal is fulfilled, Slade would reclaim his flesh and blood and live again. Throughout season four, Slade acted as Trigon's messenger and would often tell Raven about her destiny. Trigon appare come antagonista principale nel film animato Justice League vs. Teen Titans. Televisione. Il personaggio appare nella serie Teen Titans, in entrambe le tre parti dell'episodio L'ultimo giorno. Trigon appare nel cortometraggio New Teen Titans. Trigon is one of the main antagonists of the DC Universe original series, Titans. He served as the main antagonist of the first season and the titular main antagonist of the first episode of Season 2, Trigon. Trigon is an interdimensional demon that is dedicated to dominating the entire universe. Trigon / ˈ t r aɪ ɡ ən / is a fictional supervillain published by DC Comics. He is one of the most powerful beings in the DC Universe, along with Darkseid, Barbatos, Hades, Mallus, Anti-Monitor, Nekron, and Great Evil Beast, having enslaved many worlds. The living embodiment of evil itself, Trigon has tried numerous times to conquer reality, but has been thwarted by his daughter Raven and the Teen Titans.Born from the unholy union between evil cast out of human souls and the mystical energy of the realm of Azarath, Trigon is the physical manifestation of the darkness that lurks in the worst.

Trigon is one of the main antagonists of the 2013 Cartoon Network series Teen Titans Go. He is Raven's demonic father who seeks to conquer Earth. He appears as a supporting antagonist in Season 1, one of the two main antagonists later anti-hero in Season 2, a minor antagonist in Season 3 and 4. @cosmic_reign: Yeah, statements can be very important. Depends on how you look at it, power-wise, they are pretty much similar. But their origin stories and lore, are much different, Trigon is a typical Devil-like entity, while Dormammu is a bit more original, in my opinion, being an entity from Dark Dimension, completely distant from a generic. If Galactus gets close enough to absorb Trigons power, the answer is no. If Galactus can’t get close, or for whatever reason can’t absorb his power, the answer is yes. After a long draw out battle with Ego, Thor was able to drive back a fairy weak.

Trigon Teen Titans vs Darkseid DCAU Battle. Prime Palpatine vs a horde mode of endless bottom-of-the-barrel space goons like Greedo, which just endlessly rush him with blasters while tripping over their shoelaces and blowing themselves up with thermal detonators. Watch the video Teen Titans Go! vs. Teen Titans - Raven vs. Trigon Part 1 from category 15 - Watch All New Movies & Game Trailers!

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