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26/07/2019 · Mod Vanilla Twilight adds 18 new creatures to Minecraft Bedrock Edition. It has both good and bad creatures. Some of them will protect the inhabitants, while others even try to kill you, or spoil the crops. This mod from the category of Must Have, so be sure to download. So, the Vanilla Twilight mod. 24/12/2018 · You do not have enough vehicles in Minecraft PE? Mod Vanilla Vehicles will add five modern cars to the MCPE, from the usual car to the flying plane. All cars remain true to the original Minecraft Pocket Edition graphics, this is what makes them a great addition to the game. Replace your horses with the []. Vanilla Vehicles Addon for Minecraft PE adds five new cars into your game. All of cars replaced by horse. On car can ride very fast, another car can ride under the water, another car can fly in the air, another one has very small size and the last one can collect passages.

This new addon adds new vehicles for MCPE, here is 11 types of a vehicle, from car to flying transport. Absolutely all vehicles are still in standard MCPE graphic, that gives you opportunity to add them into your game process. That is why, it is time to update your game, using this new various vehicle addon.
With help of this addon you can use new functions and blocks for your vanilla MCPE. Also, here you can get slider which can change color of your item. Here you have a great opportunity to get strong.

06/08/2019 · We all know that for surviving in MCPE, players require a number of good weapons to protect themselves from hostile mobs. Addon Vanilla Weapons was developed to complement your weapon inventory. On the "MCPE Universe" project you will find the most appropriate mods for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. Our team search for interesting novelties daily, so sign up to be up to date with the news! In this section you will find mods for Minecraft 1.11, which will help your favorite game to become more dazzling and even more funny!

Download Minecraft PE Mods for Android We present you the most important section for MCPE, without which not one miner can live. These are mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition, in which you will find various modifications and updates to them for new versions of the game. We post for you only the most interesting. All mods are functional and tested. Mods / 1.14.1 FNAF Universe addon for Minecraft PE 1.14.1 Five Nights at Freddy's - is an extremely popular horror game series, where you have to deal with possessed animatronics. Backpacks Add-on for Minecraft PE adds three types backpacks to your world: little, medium and biggest one 9,15,27 slots accordingly. You will be able also change their collors. Backpacks Add-on for Minecraft PE adds three types backpacks to your world: little, medium and biggest one 9,15,27. 24/11/2018 · I’m on Android, playing MCPE 1.12 and I CANNOT craft or even wear the backpack i’ve turned on experimental gameplay when I have another mod in that world. I can spawn it in creative mode but cant wear it either. The only time I can use it is when I only add it in the world without other addon, and this is sad.

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